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Rallis Ice Pressed® Olive Oil - 12 fl oz

In Stock
In stock

RAW, Green flavor with the Natural Peppery Bite Characteristic of an Authentic Greek Olive Oil.

Our ice pressed® olive oil is a great addition to salads, smoothies or grilled veggies or on its own as a part of medical regime.

Each bottle of our award-winning olive oil is:

  • LOADED WITH POLYPHENOLS – Each harvest, our olive oil is consistently classified as a High Polyphenolic Olive Oil. Our polyphenols are naturally occurring, we do NOT add any chemically derived polyphenols to our oil.
  • ICE PRESSED ® - We press our olives 20x - 30x colder to create a truly RAW olive oil that tastes like olives!
  • UNBLENDED - This means that there is ONLY RALLIS Olive Oil in the bottle. We DON’T blend Rallis with cheaper oils to yield a higher profit.
  • UNFILTERED - Our bottles will have a little bit of sediment in the bottom because we don’t filter our oil. There are valuable nutrients in the sediment that we pass along to you!


Ice Pressed® Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Organic.

Oil will burn if overheated.

Store in a cool dark place.

Refrigeration not required.