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Bone Broth Protein Powder Pure - 20 Servings

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In stock

Bone Broth Protein is the easiest way to consume the ancient superfood that our ancestors ate every single day. We know bone broth is a nutrient-packed powerhouse, but the reality is, it’s time-consuming and messy to make… Which is why most of us don’t get any in our everyday diet. Bone Broth Protein is a powdered, concentrated form of bone broth that can improve joint function, promote gut health, and support your healthy inflammation response and immune system† with just one easy scoop.

  • Savory chicken flavor
  • 20g protein, 0g carbs
  • Supports joint health and reduces joint discomfort†
  • Supports a healthy inflammation response†
  • Supports a healthy immune system†
  • Supports gut health & a healthy gut microbiome†
  • Supports healthy skin†
  • Features collagen type II, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and 18 amino acids
  • 3x more potent than homemade broth and twice as potent compared to the leading bone broth brands (based on protein content)
  • 5x more potent than leading brands on micronutrients and macronutrients

Serving Size:1 Scoop (22 g)

Servings Per Container: 20

  • Calories 90 -
  • Total Fat 1g 1%
  • Protein 20g
  • Sodium 150mg 7%
  • Potassium 270mg 6%

Add one heaping scoop with 12 oz. of warm water.

Add into your favorite savory recipes.

Add salt and pepper for a warm homemade sipping broth.